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“Red wine?” 

“Please” she replied, with a little tremble in her voice.

She sat there, on the edge of the white leather sofa; quietly waiting for the wine he had offered her. She didn’t really want it, but she was hoping that a few sips of the poison would do away with the unsavoury thoughts that were looming, thoughts that she knew she shouldn’t have been having. Her imagination was running away with her, she was helpless. She was losing it. The image of his exceptionally chiseled body kept playing over and over again in her overflowing mind, making it very hard for her to gather her thoughts and escape.

It was a brightly lit modern apartment with an open living space so she could see him in the kitchen from the living room, and she just couldn’t bring herself to stop staring.

He had an immaculate smile that was complimented by his incredibly smooth dark skin. He stood at about 6’2, and had remarkably broad shoulders. He had a chest that had the white Zara V-neck he was wearing almost splitting at the seams and it was hugging his huge arms that were attached to some very soft and well-kept hands. His torso was nothing short of breathtaking, with abs that looked like Michelangelo himself had sculpted them.

How did she get here? She had gone from the damsel in distress staying with her friend and her (friend’s) man for a few weeks while she was getting herself together; to watching a movie with him half drunk while the friend was away? Oh why had he come to the door in nothing but a towel? What would her best friend think if she knew that she was here, daydreaming about him while close enough to almost taste him?

The sexual tension between them had been building since the day she had moved in, and all the things she had been told about him by her friend, she grew more curious about with every passing moment. Was it as big as she had been told? Was he really the Viking her friend had made him out to be in between the sheets?

“Does this make me a bad person?” she thought as she took the last sip of her 3rd glass of wine.

She had given into temptation and here she was laying there, her head on his chest, her heart trying to beat its way through her ribcage. There was no turning back now, and she honestly didn’t want to. He had his back against the couch and was playing with her silky hair. It smelled like coconuts, her favourite type of shampoo. She had her hand up his t-shirt, drawing little shapes on his stomach with her manicured finger. She had overheard them talking about how sensitive of a spot that was for him and she was using it to her advantage. He couldn’t stop twitching when she touched him, it was like little jolts of electricity passing through him, and she had her finger on the switch.


She tilted her head and licked his upper chest, her tongue gliding across the top of the tattoo that covered his left pectoral. He tasted better than she had imagined, even better than he looked. She kissed his neck and bit him gently, slowly making her way up, licking and nibbling his earlobe, her warm breath sending tingles down his frame. Her hand traveled down his torso, lips still planted softly against his ear, down the front of his grey jogging bottoms, brushing against his dick. She put her hand gently over it and she could feel it growing stronger against her palm. She could almost feel the blood rushing through it as she squeezed harder and bit his neck.

“Fuck me in her bed” she whispered, leading him down the corridor to the master bedroom.

He stood close behind her, the bottom of his chest against her shoulder blades, his arm around her, squeezing her neck, grip tight enough to control the movement of her head, but loose enough for her to slip out of it without restraint if she wanted to. But she didn’t want to, she wanted him exactly where he was.

She could feel his warm and steady breath against the back of her neck. He leaned in towards her and whispered something that she couldn’t make out but it didn’t matter, the tone of his deep voice was making her panties wet. It had her in a trance.

His dick was as hard as rock, she could feel it pressed against her back and she wanted it, in her mouth, in her stomach. She wanted to taste him, she couldn’t wait to find out if he felt as good as her friend had so frequently bragged.

She turned around, got on the tips of her toes and their lips met. He put his hand around her waist and walked her backwards to the edge of the king size bed that he shared with his girlfriend, and laid her on her back. He stood at the foot, admiring her briefly before slipping off his t-shirt and slithering beside her.

As they kissed sensually, lip biting, her tongue in his mouth, his hand slipped down the middle of her alluring body, all the way down her stomach, finally resting on the outside of her moist Victoria’s Secret panties. He started to play with her wet pussy, his finger sliding up and down, brushing against her clit, making her twitch. He had his hand on the switch now.

“Yes baby” she moaned, breathing deeply.

His hand slid inside her white panties that were so moist they were nearly see-through, and his fingers were welcomed by her warm, dripping pussy. She moaned in pleasure and her eyes rolled back in her head as he toyed with her clit, his fingers sliding between her slippery pussy lips. They found their way into her tight little hole, making her squelch and drip.

She pulled his fingers out and directed them towards her mouth, and proceeded to suck them slowly, never breaking his gaze. She licked herself off his fingers, leaned in and made him taste what was left straight off her tongue.

He kissed her beautiful body, from her lips all the way down to her thighs. He turned her over onto her stomach and his lips caressed the dip in her lower back. She shivered a little and arched it in ecstasy. Her body was screaming. His hands slid up and down her spine, kneading her like a delicious batch of dough.

She rolled over on to her back again and he nibbled on her nipples. His tongue traveled all the way down her panty line, like he was dragging a stick through the sands, caramel sands, and kissed her pretty little pussy.

“Eat me,” she begged.

“You know the magic word” he replied, blowing on it, making her want him even more.

“PLEASE” she whimpered.

She loved a man that could take control, and the more he made her beg, the more she wanted it. The more she wanted him.

She gripped the sheets, nearly pulling them off the bed when his tongue finally found its way to her throbbing clit. He licked and sucked it and he made her squirm. He pushed her legs back and held them up as he continued to eat and tongue fuck her pussy. He slipped his fingers in and out of her and her breathing got more profound with every gesture. He licked it and twirled his tongue around the clit and she grabbed the back of his head and she pulled his face into her pussy, getting his tongue as deep into it as physically possible. His lips were glazed and he could feel her juices gush out of her body, all over his chin, and this made his dick even harder.

“I wanna taste you,” she screeched as he kissed her with her juices still in his mouth.

She pushed him on to the bed and she kissed him from his chest all the way down to his pelvis. She pulled down his jogging bottoms, his Calvin Klein’s and put her luscious lips on his dick. She could feel it swell up as she slipped the head into her mouth. The blood was pumping through it and she could feel the veins brushing against her lips as she took more of him in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, sending tingles down the shaft. She spat all over his dick and before the saliva had even settled, it was back in her mouth and she was gagging on it. She continued to suck it enthusiastically, fucking her mouth with it, her face. She could hear his groans and the louder they got, the more she wanted to pleasure him, the wetter her pussy got.

“Fuck me like you fuck her” she begged as he teased her with the tip. He slipped in and out of her very slowly, her tight pussy gripping his cock, and the pleasure he saw on her face with every single thrust made him smile.

As her moans got deeper, so did he. She was screaming his name and this made him want to fuck her even harder.

It was everything she had imagined and more, it was worth every single line she had crossed for it. She was on her back, her eyes staring into his as every single inch of him made its way into her stomach. Her legs rested on his shoulders and he fucked her the way she had begged him to fuck her, the way she had imagined he had fucked her all those nights she had heard them through the walls.

The sweat dripped as they lay on their sides. He pulled her close, making her hold him tighter to control how hard he could throw it into her. Every thrust came with impeccable force and she could feel it against her kidneys, tearing up her stomach lining, making her grip him even tighter, digging her nails into his back. A little part of her wanted to leave marks on him; she wanted to scar him, something to remember her by all those mornings in the kitchen at breakfast when they bumped into each other on their way to work.

She got on top and bounced on his dick. She loved this position because she could watch his face light up with pleasure as she took control and fucked him deep into the mattress. He couldn’t hide the pleasure, it was all over his face and with the way he was slapping her ass, she could tell she had him where she wanted him. Luckily for her, she didn’t bruise very easily and she loved it a little rough.

He pulled her to the edge of the bed and put her on her on all fours. She arched her back and pressed her face deep into the bed covers and he slipped inside her. He had a firm grip of her waist with both of his hands and he showed no mercy with the power in which he dipped in and out of her pussy. Her bum was clapping against his pelvis and she felt every millimeter of him as he made her scream and grip the sheets. She tried to move forward a little but his grip was firm, he was not letting her run away from it.

“Yes” he breathed loudly as he exploded, pulling her closer. She pushed herself back on him and she could feel every little bit of his cum fill up her juicy pussy and she loved it, she wanted more. As he pulled it out of her, semi hard, she put it in her mouth, and sucked it until there was nothing left in it, letting him experience every bit of pleasure, and a little pain.

As she lay there, still in the wet patch she had made, his cum still dripping out of her, she thought about what had just happened and she wanted more, she wanted to fuck him again but there was no time, her friend was coming home soon and she’d have to help her with the rest of the planning for the coming weekend.

Guess she would just have to wait until after their honeymoon to get him to herself again.